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Make a difference in a child's life with the flip of a switch

Enroll with NRG Home and support Boston Children's Hospital without doing anything more than paying your electricity bill.

The contributions from this program will support the Every Child Fund, Boston Children's most essential, responsive fund. Every dollar has 100% impact, furthering the hospital's mission to treat all children, no matter what condition they face. 

Here's what you can expect when you enroll:


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Valid Service Areas This electricity service offer is valid for areas serviced by Eversource Energy and National Grid.
Eligibility Limited-time offer. Price and Bonus offers are only for first-time, residential customers so previous or existing customers are not eligible.

Offers cannot be transferred or combined with other offers. They may change or be cancelled at any time. Offers are not available for all rate classes, all customer types, or in all areas. Additional eligibility requirements, terms and conditions may apply. Please see our Terms of Service for full details which can be found on the online enrollment form and in your Welcome Email/Letter. A customer may obtain an information disclosure label upon request. If we previously returned your account to basic service at the utility for nonpayment of your electric supply charges, we will be unable to reenroll your account.
Rewards Information Enrollment Contribution Bonus: Your account will be eligible for a $50 contribution to be made by NRG to Boston Children's Hospital after 1 full month of active service. 

Ongoing Contribution Bonus: After 12 months of active service with us, your account will be eligible for an amount equal to 1% of the supply portion of your monthly residential electricity bills to be contributed by NRG to Boston Children's Hospital. Further, you must have an active account with us for 12 months to be eligible for the Ongoing Contribution to be made by NRG.

Please note: Active accounts are defined as those that (i) are billing more than $0 and (ii) for which we have not received a request to discontinue service or change programs. Contribution amount may be combined with contributions earned by other customers and will be made by NRG on its next scheduled payment to Boston Children's Hospital. Only one contribution will be made for each of your accounts with us. See our Rewards Program Terms for additional details.
Important Price Information
NRG Home fixed electric supply price per kWH for 12 months of service*
Utility Price
Eversource (Eastern Massachusetts) $0.129
Eversource (Western Massachusetts) $0.119
National Grid $0.129

The fixed supply price is the same for 250, 500, 1,000, or 2,000 kWh average monthly usage and will begin on the first regularly scheduled meter read date that occurs after your utility has switched your account to us.

Click here  to view the fixed supply price that you will receive for your first 12 billing cycles with us. After that, your prices with us will be variable. We will determine the variable supply price in our discretion based on many different factors, which may include competitive prices, industry charges we are responsible for, applicable state and local taxes, profit margins, or other business conditions. For your reference, our electricity supply prices include generation charges, but they do not include any utility distribution charges or other utility fee or charge.

Our current and historical prices are not an indicator of our future prices and we do not guarantee any savings. Our prices may be higher than your utility’s supply rate. No matter what, we will not increase your variable price in any given month by more than 30% from the prior month’s supply price.
Applicable Fees An early cancellation fee of $10 per month remaining on the fixed price portion of your contract applies if you cancel your service during the first 12 billing cycles.
Budget Billing Information You can request a budget billing plan for the supply portion of your bill with us. If you are already on a Budget Billing plan, your monthly budget billing amount may be adjusted and your utility may perform a true-up upon enrollment with us. Depending on various factors, including season, this true-up could result in a charge, or a credit.  
Environmental Information If you are enrolling in a program with renewable electricity, your electricity supply price includes the cost for us to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates. We will purchase RECs produced by wind (or solar if included in your plan) power generation facilities located in the United States to match the stated percentage of your electricity usage.
About Us Electricity service is provided by Reliant Energy Northeast LLC d/b/a NRG Home and NRG Retail Solutions, and we are licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (license # CS-081).